The Need for a Safe Food Supply Chain

(This is the second blog in a five-part series of posts related to progress on the Food Safety Modernization Act and the importance of track-and-trace.) None of the participants of the food supply chain — namely the growers, processors or distributors — wants contaminated food to reach the consumer. However, a number of external and [...]

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Track-and-Trace: An Increasingly Critical Solution to Food Safety Concerns

As we look back on 2012, we are reminded that food safety remains an issue the food supply industry must overcome. Foodborne illnesses can be widespread, devastating persons, families and companies that handle food. For example, year-over-year we continue seeing the overwhelming effects of tainted cantaloupe. According to Bill Marler’s chart on cantaloupe outbreaks, from [...]

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The Food Safety Modernization Act and Increased Need for Track and Trace, Part Two

The last post in our series on the Food Safety Modernization Act examined reasons why we need a safer food supply chain, and how track-and-trace technology can help. Now let’s look at how we at itelligence assist CPG companies with track-and-trace software capabilities, via our it.CPG ERP solution from SAP. To manage the complexity of [...]