Blog #20: 25th Anniversary Blog Series – itelligence Becomes an SAP Certified Provider of Hosting Services for SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud (2013)

In 2013, we became one of the first SAP partners to achieve this certification from SAP based on our ability to deliver hosting services for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud with high-quality operational standards.  As a result, we enable customers to benefit from simple and easy access to SAP HANA® technology, and we offer globally hosting services to run SAP HANA successfully and operate system landscapes running on the SAP HANA platform for our customers.  Aside from the established European and American markets, we focus on delivering services to customers in Asia as an important fast-growing market.  

Commenting on the significance of this certification, Oliver Schreiber, itelligence EVP and Head of Global Business Unit Outsourcing & Services, said: “As an SAP-certified provider of hosting services for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, we can now offer SAP customers a fast and flexible way to get on board with SAP’s in-memory technology.  With our cloud services offerings, we provide additional opportunities for customers to leverage the benefits of SAP HANA via a delivery concept that does not require them to invest in hardware.  As a supplementary service, we can also offer customers the ability to license SAP HANA directly from itelligence, as part of a complete SaaS model, in a rental format within the framework of a monthly subscription service.  The customer has access to a simple-to-use, complete package.”

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Flashback Friday: The World’s First Spaceplane

On this day in 1963, American Joe Walker piloted the record shattering X-15 rocket powered aircraft to an altitude of 66 miles above the surface of the earth, a record held until 2004 and the second of two flights conducted by the aircraft that exceeded the international definition of spaceflight. Over the course of its lifetime, the X-15 research plane conducted 199 test flights and achieved the speed record for manned, powered aircraft that is still held today – 4,520 miles per hour.

The challenges faced by the X-15 program were astonishing, but equally important are the challenges facing today’s aircraft manufacturers, aerospace suppliers, development partners and retailers every day in keeping up with the rapidly changing requirements from airlines, passengers and substantially shorter aircraft model cycles. itelligence is doing its part by providing an industry proven, integrated solution based on SAP ERP, designed to offer total control from planning to production and everything in between. it.aerospace is one example of our pre-configured solutions helping mid-market companies, whether they are just trying to get their wheels off the ground or have already hit cruising speed!

Learn more about it.aerospace and other industry solutions at

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Policy Management Integration in Your Global Compliance Portfolio

If you missed the latest SAP Professional Journal, you’ll want to check it out. Tracy Levine, SAP Application Consultant at itelligence, outlines how to use policy management with key elements of SAP Access Control to respond to risk events in your organization and the ways it can be implemented into your business processes.

By reading this article, you will learn how to:

Policy management gives organizations the opportunity to assign different policies to a specific organizational structure, business process, or activity. For example, you can assign work instructions for a new piece of machinery to a certain warehouse and business process. Tracy describes this in more detail in addition to the many other features that SAP Process Control offers.

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25th Anniversary Blog Series – itelligence Buys SAP Based Business in North America from Software AG (2013)

Effective January 16, 2013, itelligence purchased the operational areas of SAP consulting, license and maintenance for Software AG in Canada and the U.S.  With this step, itelligence U.S. expanded geographically into the Ontario region of Canada and broadened the company’s U.S. customer base, taking over the majority of approximately 50 Software AG employees.  Commenting on the importance of this transaction, Norbert Rotter, CFO for itelligence AG, said, “The acquisition of the former IDS Scheer business of Software AG is a unique opportunity to increase our market share and strengthen our recurring business.”  Steve Niesman, CEO and President of itelligence U.S., added, “Among Software AG customers are clients in the automotive, CPG and manufacturing industries, as well as young dynamic start-ups in the region. These customers will profit not only from a proven SAP leading partner, but also from the extensive service portfolio of itelligence.”  As part of this expansion, itelligence opened a new branch in Toronto for the English-speaking Canadian market.

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