25th Anniversary Blog Series – itelligence Receives SAP® North America Regional Partner Excellence Award 2014 for SAP Business All-in-One

In January 2014, itelligence received the SAP® North America Regional Partner Excellence Award 2014 for SAP Business All-in-One during the SAP Americas Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM) in Las Vegas.  Awards were presented by SAP to the top-performing SAP partners in North America that have made outstanding contributions that impact overall SAP sales and pipeline-generation goals.  Commenting on the meaning of the award, Steve Niesman, itelligence U.S. president and CEO said, “We are so proud to be a recipient of the SAP® North America Regional Partner Excellence Award 2014 for SAP Business All-in-One for the sixth consecutive year, as it affirms the great work we do for our customers every day.  He added, “We are completely dedicated to empowering our customers to achieve their business objectives by delivering unmatched service and expertise for SAP Business All-in-One solutions with our unique approach to customizing those solutions for each individual customer.”

Selected from SAP’s wide-ranging North America partner base, nominations for the SAP Regional Partner Excellence Awards were based on internal SAP sales data.  A steering committee composed of regional and global SAP representatives determined winning partners in each category according to numerous criteria such as sales achievement and performance.   Awards were presented in a variety of categories, including overall sales, innovation, technology, services and solution-specific areas.  “SAP congratulates itelligence as the recipient of the SAP North America Regional Partner Excellence Award 2014 for SAP Business All-in-One,” said John Graham, head, Ecosystem and Channels, SAP Americas.  “They have excelled in their partnership with SAP, extending the value of SAP applications and services to our joint customers. These awards highlight the benefits of SAP’s partner ecosystem – which allows us to lengthen our reach and drive customer success.”

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The Evolution of Consumer Goods

As consumers’ food safety concerns continue to grow and they gravitate toward organic products, manufacturers are tasked with meeting and exceeding those demands with a continual stream of new and innovative products. The stakes are high for demand planners, and companies that produce consumer products battle intensely for space on retail shelves while ensuring safety and government regulation compliance. As the consumer products industry continues to shift due to trends and innovative technologies, now more than ever companies should think about leveraging tools that analyze real-time data to make better – and informed – business decisions.

Working with some of the most successful manufacturers in the food sector, the itelligence team has a unique advantage in witnessing firsthand the trends that are reshaping the industry and a deep knowledge that helps plan for the future. We invite you to take a closer look and read the following expert paper, The Evolution of Consumer Goods: Trends and Predictions.

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The Evolution of Wholesale Distribution

While wholesale distribution companies’ primary business objectives may not have changed much over the last 20+ years, market forces, customer expectations and technology advancements are significantly changing the ways business gets done.  Forward-looking executives continue to understand the new capabilities provided by cloud-based solutions and sales analytics, among others, and how those can translate into competitive gains in terms of operational efficiency, profitability and online channel expansion.  These same decision makers also increasingly are realizing how core technologies such as updated ERP systems can provide inherent advantages that enable faster assimilation to ongoing business evolution and a stronger platform from which to innovate to reach new, strategic business goals.

Based on his firsthand work with hundreds of distributors over the past two decades, the following expert paper by Stefan Hoffmann, Wholesale Industry Principal, provides an overview of seven key distribution industry trends.  We invite you to take a deeper look into Stefan’s analysis, predictions and recommendations to distributors for keeping pace with business evolution and avoiding the perils of falling behind.

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25th Anniversary Blog Series – itelligence Inc. Acquires U.S. Technology Consultancy Aster Group (2013)

In November 2013, itelligence announced its 100 percent acquisition of Aster Group, a business technology consultancy specializing in dedicated Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence solutions.  Headquartered in Concord, N.C., Aster Group is a premiere North American provider of SAP® Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) applications and one of the most experienced EPM-focused solution providers of all SAP partners.  Addressing this news, Steve Niesman, president and CEO, itelligence North America, stated: “Aster Group has a great brand name and has been growing very well, particularly because of their success in implementing SAP BPC applications for multiple industry segments.  The focused acquisition of Aster will immediately enable itelligence to strengthen its competitive market position in the SAP EPM space through an expanded, dedicated global practice that joins our complementary capabilities and increases our high-growth cross-selling opportunities.”

Norbert Rotter, CFO, itelligence AG, added: “With this strategic acquisition, we are further strengthening our business in the US and expanding our market presence, both regionally and globally, in strong performing SAP areas.  By adding Aster Group‘s significant BPC experience and footprint, itelligence’s full SAP value proposition really comes together for CFOs, CIOs and all customers through end-to-end business visibility, from integrated planning to execution and consolidated reporting.”

Today, itelligence provides global scale and reach through country-specific localization enabled by full-service SAP solution delivery capabilities, including BPC, in 5 world regions and more than 22 countries. itelligence’s comprehensive offerings deliver BPC Cloud packages that bundle software, maintenance, implementation, hosting and ongoing application management as a subscription-based managed cloud service.

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